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De Moersleutel - Muscovado Maple Magician - 11% (440ml) A sweet maple syrup and muscovado sugar imperial stout from the masters at Moersleutel. Moersleutel are Pim, Tom, Rob and Max; Four brothers who founded the brewery back in 2016. At the time, their dad and friends had their own small brewery and they would brew their own creations when the... £8.95
Villages / Buxton - Powers Of Flowers - 4.2% (440ml) "A sessionable saison with hibiscus flowers. The steeping of the magical hibiscus flower brings a sour cranberry-cherry-ish touch, followed by a dry hop of Talus and Styrian Wolf for rose, pink grapefruit, and herbal notes." £5.20
Polly's Brew Co - Sweet Treasure - 4.6% (440ml) Slow Sour: "Just before we closed up the brewery for our annual shutdown over Christmas, some idle chatter revealed that several members of staff are keen sloe gin makers/drinkers, and the holidays were the time of year they’d crack open their efforts. Never one to miss an opportunity, we wanted... £5.30
Square Root - Lemonade - 0% (250ml) 'Light and refreshing, Lemonade first became popular in Victorian London where the tradition of mixing lemon juice with sugar and water was brought over from Italy. You can’t beat a classic, but what we can do, as we always do, is keep the sugar content nice and low, and let the... £1.95
Abyss Brewing - Road Trip #7 Simcoe - 6.5% (440ml) A 6.5% single hopped IPA brewed with Simcoe Cryo hops. Close your eyes and drift away on a magic duvet of guava, passion fruit and balanced with a resinous pine £5.60