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  1. Superstition Meadery - Safeword - 13% (750ml)
    This craft beverage is seductive and full of surprises. Safeword pushes the limits of liquid gratification as Honey and Belgian Dark Candi Syrup are tied together and then disciplined in an Oak barrel until they are released for your pleasure. Enjoy the adventure waiting for you within this bottle and...
  2. Blaugies - La Biere Darbyste - 5.8% (750ml)
    "A traditional style named for John Darby, preacher of temperance whose parishioners were oddly moved by a ‘soft drink’ they insisted was just fig juice . . . The Blaugies Darbyste is a saison made with wheat and fermented with fig juice. A variant of the Belgian “Wit” or “Blanche” style, but a little drier and a lot...
  3. Lindemans - Kriek - 3.5% (355ml)
    Lindemans - "In order to obtain a beer like no other, we have been adding whole sour cherries to our lambic for generations. Our meeting with American importer Charles Finkel in the 1970s revolutionised the fruit beer segment. Charles convinced us to export our old kriek to the United States by boat....
  4. Te Merio - Sauvignon Blanc - 12.5% (250ml)
    At a festival? Gone camping? Climbing a mountain? Or just out and about...For the adventurous amongst you, who want to enjoy a lovely glass of wine without the glass. This is for you.