CROWLER - Garden Path - The Curious Mix Methods: 4th Edition - 6.7% (500ml)


Curious 4 is one of the more eclectic blends we’ve ever released. A good portion of the base is a blend itself, of the last batch of spontaneous beer brewed in the 2019/2020 season, and a cooled portion of the base of our fresh hop beer The Wet Hopped Ship (minus the wet hops!) that was inoculated with spontaneous wort in the fall of 2020. To this blend, we added a single, very oaky, barrel of hoppy blonde ale brewed in June of 2018, a barrel of “solera beer” (a blend of several batches of beer from the previous few months), and a special 2020-Covid-era addition: approximately 5bbls of Curious 3. The result is a beer comprised of multiple ages and multiple types and stages of fermentation (native yeast, spontaneous, solera-ed, foudred, blended, naturally conditioned), that drinks with as much nuance as the blend is varied. With notes of oak, stonefruit, and earthiness on the nose, the palate is soft and rounded, with hints of tropical fruit, and a lightly tart finish.  A wonderful food beer, The Curious Mix Methods. 4th Ed. makes us crave goat cheese, summer risotto, and strawberry rhubarb pie.

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