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Business Beers Trial Run

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Give your team that Friday (or Thursday) feeling with a regular delivery of delicious craft beer! A subscription to Ghost Whale's Office Beers means that you'll get a case of fresh craft beer delivered right to your office door every week (or month).

Each case we send out contains 24 bottles (or cans) of the same great beer and with such a vast number of great breweries and beers out there, no two deliveries will be the same. 

This is the trial run, a way for you to test the waters before committing to a full subscription. We'll deliver 1 (or more if you choose more) case of beer right to your office door. If you want to make this a regular perk for your team, just head over to the OFFICE BEERS page here and sign up. 

Quantity relates to number of cases required. Order by Friday for delivery the following Thursday.