Oliver's - Fine Cider - 6.3% (330ml)

Canned Cider is at the partial mercy of technology. So a cider with good preservation qualities without sulphur but with good taste attributes yet as accessible as possible for the "new" / first time customers attracted to cider by the can is the focus. To do this we used a hefty does of 50+ year old trees of Michelin with a smattering Of Dabinett with a splash of Foxwhelp. The click of the can opening and on the nose bright, fresh fruit and the zing of carbonation hits the nostrils. Visually a lush orange, tasting of bags of ripe juicy apples, zesty orange and plum flesh. All kept vibrant by the bright acidity and carbonation. So crushable. Oh yes, now I need another mouthful. Oh yes, now I need another can.