Square Root - Rhubarb Soda - 0% (250ml)


It’s from the North. It’s pink! It’s our classic Yorkshire Rhubarb Soda, handmade in East London in tasty, small batches.

Rhubarb Soda is made using British rhubarb sourced from a family farm in the infamous Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle. Grown using traditional methods, the rhubarb we use is intense, fragrant and earthy.

This is a beautiful, refreshing soda which is one of our all-time most popular flavours, pure and unadulterated, with only just enough sugar to save you from a permanent sour pout.

The correct way to store these cans is on their heads. This helps to swirl up the pulp inside inside and release the juicy flavours within. 

Please note - The colour of this drink may vary depending on season. - Square Root