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2019 Ghost Whale Beery Advent Calendar

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The Ghost Whale Advent Calendar is back for a third year and it's obviously going to be totally killer!

Advent used to be a period of fasting but, luckily for us, things (brewing techniques included!) have moved on somewhat since the 1st century. We can now indulge ourselves guilt-free right up to - and especially during - Christmas! 

To help get you into the festive spirit we're putting together something that'll kick your chocolate advent calendar right into touch. Yep, this is a very grown up, very luxurious and very beery advent calendar! And trust us, it's really very good.

Hidden behind each door of this custom designed box you'll find a different, awesome beer to get excited about. These won't be just any old beers though - we're talking the good stuff, beers we'll have ordered in especially to get you excited every day in the lead up to Christmas. 

We wouldn't want to spoil the surprise but you can expect a thoroughly exciting and balanced range of great beers and of course - as we all know - behind door 24 lies the best gift of them all.

If you're in any doubt about the sheer quality of beers involved, here's just a few of the breweries we included last year:

Prairie, Verdant, Cloudwater, Burning Sky, Northern Monk. 

There'll be a full range of styles and ABV's, from lager to imperial stout. So what are you waiting for? Get prepped for the big 'C' courtesy of Ghost Whale. 


  1. Advent calendars cannot be purchased with any other product. If you require other beers, please place a separate order.
  2. Free shipping does not apply to Advent Calendar orders.
  3. Please only purchase 1 advent calendar per order as shipping fees apply per advent calendar box. 
  4. Advent calendars will be packed and shipped on or around 25th November 2019. You will be notified when your calendar has been shipped or is ready for collection.