Siren - Barrel Aged Caribbean Chocolate Cake 2020 - 8.4% (330ml)

"It just wouldn’t be a complete collecFon without uFlising the skills of barrel manager Steve, and of course, some of the finest oak barrels in our cellar. The art of ageing in wood vs spinning on wood comes with subtle differences that we just love exploring. We brewed a base beer in 2019 that was spun for 72 hours on cacao and Cypress prior to filling a mixture of Buffalo Trace bourbon and rye barrels. This is a long process, and we were keen to begin layering flavour from the early stages. A[er picking up spice, caramel and spirit notes from the barrels, along with oak tannins, we then spin again for 72 hours on the adjuncts. This pre-release addiFon gave us a fresh vibrancy of flavour and aroma to a beauFfully matured beer. Barrel Aged CCC is a labour of love that requires constant tasFng throughout and a de[ touch to blend."