Little Rain - Good Times - 7.5% (440ml)


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"What a good time means can be different for everyone: What some people enjoy, others find boring or exhausting. A good time can be time with friends, time alone, time fishing, biking, reading, singing, shopping, doing nothing, or gambling. What definitely creates a good mood for us and never hurts is beer. Beer is the perfect accompaniment for enjoyable leisure activities and gives the finishing touch to the small celebrations of everyday life. A particularly good beer for all kinds of situations is Good Time from Little Rain. The fledgling craft brewery from Barcelona knows good times and has created a beer that is beautifully attuned to all types of good times. Their strong, cloudy India Pale Ale brings a whopping 7.5% alcohol content into the glass and entices you to try it with its wonderful lemon-yellow color and fruity scent. The taste test reveals a classic IPA with all the elements you could want from one: juicy fruit notes, grassy hops, spicy resin and a crisp bitterness combine to create a fine beer enjoyment that you can't get enough of. We advocate more good Times in life and provide you with the right beer at the same time! "