OHD - Norwegian Wood Vodka - 41% (700ml)

"Our small gang at OHD set out to make a vodka with the flavour of the Norwegian forest. We have distilled this potato vodka in our copper still together with the botanicals birch leaf, meadowsweet, and elderflower. The birch leaves are there to add a subtle hint of the herbal freshness of the forest. The meadowsweet is added for the creamy mouthfeel it gives, but it is not without reason that it’s called the vanilla of the Nordics. So to add some high notes to this aroma we added just a little bit of elderflower. Still this is not one of those intensely flavoured vodkas. We just added enough to let it shine through in a vodka martini. But you will still think of it as a classic vodka when sipping it neat. Norwegian Wood is a vodka as pure as its nature and full of character as its people."