Dugges - Ginger & Pear - 4.5% (330ml)

"Ginger & Pear Sour Fruit Ale It’ spicy fruity sour A whole word of flavors. A crisp sour fruit ale with flavors of fresh ginger and sweet pears. A spicy, sweet and tart blend. Sourlicious! We’ve done a ginger beer, several actually. And, not ginger beer as in ginger beer but more beer that tastes of ginger… and are sour at that. So, we’ve done several sour beer that tastes of ginger. We’ve also done beer that taste of pears. Also sours. 
While ginger gives that edge and kinda heat the pear mellow it out with a rounded sweetness. We though, how could a combo be anything but fantastic? Because we love when that happens, when two worlds collide to form a new one. Revolution!"