Stigbergets - Cacao! - 12.5% (330ml)

"What does it even mean? Cacao! (Imperial Stout). It’s not always necessary to say something’s anything other than what it says it is. Unless there’s more to it. What you do need to know though? Cacao! Our awkwardly punctuated Imperial stout with cacao nibs from master Gothenburg chocolatiers, Storm and Bille. We soaked our Imperial stout base over 50kg of premium organic cacao, not only complimenting but accentuating the complex flavours of dark chocolate, coffee and a variety of fruits typical of Nicaraguan beans."

Stigbergets are a craft brewery from Gothenburg in Sweden. They are firm favourites here at Ghost Whale, producing consistently great IPAs, Sours and the occasional indulgent Imperial Stout. Keep an eye out for Amazing Haze, one of their core beers that is a 'go-to' for us.