Drink In Booking Guidelines

From 4th July 2020 it will be possible to drink in at both Ghost Whale stores again. To ensure the safety of both our staff and customers, there shall be limited capacity to drink in and a booking must be made in order to enjoy a drink in our stores at this time. Below are details of the guidelines which we kindly ask our customers to follow.


  • Book a time to drink in at your local store via the BOOKINGS PAGE.
  • Maximum group size of 4 persons. Multiple bookings by the same person (or different individuals) for the same time slot with the purpose of enabling a group larger than 4 to drink in at the same time is not permitted. In line with government guidelines and our requirement to ensure the safety of our staff and guests, any guests seen to be doing this shall all be asked to leave. 
  • Bookings are 1 hour 45 mins in length (to allow our staff time to sanitise the table area for the next booking). Consecutive bookings by the same individual (or different individuals) may not be made. As above, any guests seen to be doing this shall be asked to leave at the end of the first booked time slot. 


  • Please arrive on time, do not arrive early for your booking (to avoid congestion). 
  • One guest from the party may enter the store and approach our staff at the cash desk to confirm their table is ready. Other guests may enter the store and make their way to the table upon confirmation that it is ready.
  • Guests are asked to make use of the hand sanitiser provided upon arrival.
  • All drinks for each booking shall be run on a tab. A card must be left at the cash desk on arrival. Payment of the tab can be split between guests on departure if required. 


  • Guests are asked that just one individual from the group purchases drinks at a time to avoid congesting the browsing area. We recommend purchasing drinks in rounds for this reason. 
  • If guests wish to purchase drinks to take away, we ask that they do so one person at a time, over the course of your booking, respecting social distancing guidelines. It is not permitted for a whole table of guests to browse for and purchase beer at the same time. 


  • We ask guests to kindly respect their allocated time and finish their drinks by the end of their time slot so it can be safely prepared for the next booking.


  • A booked table shall only be held for 15 minutes from the booking start time. If guests do not arrive by this point, the table shall be made available to other guests. 


  • The outside tables at our Brixton store are not guaranteed to be covered from poor weather. If you decide not to attend a booking due to poor weather, please let us know in advance.