Alesmith - Mexican Speedway Stout: Coffee Tequila BA - 12% (750ml)


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For the many, many fans of what is regarded by many as the finest coffee-infused imperial stout in the world—AleSmith Speedway Stout—we are unleashing a first-ever, culturally inspired, specialty version, AleSmith Mexican Speedway Stout. Enlivened with a sense of terroir from the utilization of tequila barrels and myriad Mexican ingredients, and as lively on the palate as a jumping-bean, this complexly delicious beer is sure to please. We started by aging Speedway Stout in tequila barrels sourced from across the Border, then blended a percentage of that earthy, matured, spirit-infused vintage with fresh Speedway Stout dosed with Mexican coffee, fine chocolate and spicy cinnamon bark. The result is a multi-layered, soul-satisfying, high-gravity concoction that comes across on one’s taste-buds as the beer-equivalent of Mexican hot chocolate.