Black Isle - Equations #1 - 5.2% (750ml)

We have a certain kinship with brewers based in equally rural regions. The challenges rural businesses face getting their products to market are comparable regardless of where we are in the world. BFM - Bière des Franches-Montagnes are based high in the Jura, on the Swiss side. As a business they are a year old than we are. Founded by owner Jérôme Rebetez, a trained oenologist (wine maker) their beers are as unique as their geography. There is nothing ’normal’ about anything they produce, with Jérôme and his team blending the principles of beer making and wine making to create truly different beers. They’re √ 225 Saison is one of, if not the best example to be found anywhere on the planet. With this in mind we rather stupidly set out to make a saison, knowing the benchmark. The base beer would then be split in to bottle and barrel, with the barrel versions (red wine and port) being inoculated with their famed √ 225 yeast strain. This is the base beer, Equations #1. A bitter, dry fruity saison. We’re extremely pleased with it. It’s eminently drinkable at 5.3%, start it fridge cold and let it develop as you progress through the bottle. It’s 750ml, so you’ve plenty of time.