Black Isle - Full Circle BA - 8.5% (750ml)

Back in August 2019, which now feels like several lifetimes ago, our good friend and former Head Brewer, Colin Stronge and Salt Beer Factory Managing Director Nadir Zairi came to see us, hang out, drink a lot of Blonde, and make a beer. Colin and our Head Brewer Thorsten came up with a Schwarzbier recipe, one that would also benefit from a time in barrel. Slow forward at glacial pace to August 2020, and what we have is the result of that base Schwarzbier after 10 months in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels. Thorsten says ’this is the best beer we’ve ever made’, and he’s right. It has the texture of purest luxury (think velvet / silk if such things were consumerables), beautiful vanilla from the bourbon and wood, and a light but textured mouthfeel from the Schwarz. It’s also terrifyingly drinkable considering the 8.5% ABV. Perfect for making ice cream floats (probably, we’ve not tried it) and ill-advised for breakfast (which, ahem, we have tried albeit sort of by accident). Limited to 480 bottles minus the ones we’ve pilfered because it’s delicious. Start at around 10 degrees, let it slowly warm and it will slowly open itself up. It’s a 750ml bottle, so sharing is recommended.