Black Project - Tagboard 2019 Blend - 5.5% (750ml)


A blend of Lambic-inspired, coolship spontaneous beer, brewed in accordance with the Méthode Traditionnelle guidelines, aged for one, two, and three years in neutral oak, then, combined with freshly picked Neomexicanus wet hops from Voss Farms in Arvada, Colorado. We further aged the beer for two weeks in more than 20lbs of hops in each of several freshly emptied red wine oak barrels. The slightly sour and funky base beer melds with sweet pine, melon, and berry characteristics from the hops. Wild microbes like ours are known to be able to bio-transform hop aroma compounds and flavor compounds, releasing new and interesting flavors from the hops as the beer ages. Enjoy fresh or age for a more complex flavor experience.