Ghost Whale Bottle Share - Tues 31st Jan 2023 - Brixton Store

Shop: 31st January - Brixton

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A bottle share event is a wonderful opportunity to try some super special 'top shelf' beers that we stock but may otherwise be too extravagant for you to justify a whole bottle for yourself. These beers are designed to be shared and who better to share them with than like minded beer enthusiasts. 

Lambics, Stouts, Wild Ales, Saisons and even the occasional special IPA are frequently cracked open and shared amongst the group at this intimate six person event. 

We open and share four beers from our extensive and ever changing collection and guests are encouraged to bring along a special beer from their own collection to share as well. 



DATE: Tuesday 31st January 2023

LOCATION: Ghost Whale Brixton - 70 Atlantic Road, Brixton, London, SW9 8PX

TIME: 6:30pm