Cloudwater - Iridescent - 2.7% (440ml)

"A fruit-forward and easy drinking Radler with Kaboso citrus and Shiranui orange. Working in collaboration with Manchester favourites and vegan food purveyors, Wholesome Junkies, this Radler has been brewed to reflect the time of year both with the use of citrus fruits and in its style. This has led to a beer that is wonderfully juicy but that is light and refreshing to enjoy. Closely related to yuzu, the inclusion of Kabosu citrus adds an acidic sharpness that pairs well with the sweetness of the Shiranui orange. While all Cloudwater beers are brewed to be vegan, through our collaboration with Wholesome Junkies we wish to show off the availability and abundance of great vegan food both in Manchester and beyond"

Cloudwater are a craft brewery from Manchester who made a name for themselves with their now infamous Double IPA 'V' series of beers. They are best known for hop forward IPAs but produce a huge range of beers from Lagers and Stouts to Wild Ales and Barrel Aged beers. Very much worth your time!