Draft At Home Selection Box


Everything you need for a night (or month) in from Ghost Whale for just £28! 

We've been filling crowlers almost as long as we've been in business. Our crowlers are 500ml cans which we purge with neutral gas (to maintain freshness) before filling with fresh draft beer and then sealing. These are a fantastic way to continue to enjoy our rotating draft offering at home...particularly through lockdown! 

Box contains:

4x 500ml Crowlers of beers. The beers will all be different and based on our pick of what we have available on tap at the time of packing your order. The alcohol content of each beer will also vary.  

1x Ghost Whale branded glass with platinum logo. 

1x Darling Spuds pack of crisps. 

1x Salty Dog bag of nuts. 


click and collect?

Once you've received your email to say your order has been fulfilled, we reccomend you collect your beers as soon as possible, to ensure the beer is as fresh as posible. 



To maximise freshness we don't ship draft beer on a Friday. We only ship draft beer Monday- Thursday using next day delivery.