Dugges - Asteroid - 6.5% (500ml)

"An asteriod is a minor planet of the inner Solar System. Sizes and shapes of asteroids vary significantly, ranging from 1-meter rocks to a dwarf planet almost 1000 km in diameter. Bodies with no atmorphere. Fly-by! Over quite a few brews of different IPAs, we've been trying to perfect this idea of a beer that is 6,5% vol. and liquid sunshine. While perfection is fleeting since the goal constantly moves, we know we probably won't reach it. Nor do we think we would want to. Stagnation would loom. But we'll give it a fair go every time. We've done and thought we were done with the secluded tropical beach, palm trees, crystal clear water, and all the luscious fruits you could eat beers. The go up, up, and away towards the stars and beyond beers. And the real "Fly me to the moon" stuff, with the lyrics and colorful chords beers. It turns out we weren't. So, here's some more space juice for you all. The aromas and flavors include tropical fruits, citrus, spicy mango, pineapple, tangerine, grapefruit, pine, and stone fruit. All the hops. All the haze. All the fun. Enjoy!"