Dugges - Christmas Mega - 15% (330ml)

"Christmas Mega Jamaica Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Vanilla & Black Pepper Stout Future No fuss. Just big, bigger, biggest, mega. With a twist. Jamaica rum barrel-aged with spicy vanilla. Ho ho ho! In 2021, we wanted to reconnect with an early Dugges ambition of not brewing something big, bigger, or biggest but brewing something mega! So, the mega-series was born. Big 15% vol. adjunct stouts that had extra everything with even more on top and a side of all you could ever want. And then some. Weirdly, funnily, and/or strangely enough, it took us quite some time before we brewed a clean version. One that really connected to our roots. So, we've rectified that and went full circle. Then we barrel-aged that clean beer. Upon tasting the barrels, we picked up on aromas and flavors of vanilla and black pepper. And we thought nothing says Christmas like vanilla and black pepper, right? So, we emphasized those flavors in the beer, creating something Santa would be proud to deliver worldwide for the holidays. Down the chimney. Into the sock. Clean escape. Folklore!"