Dugges / Fuerst Wiacek - Cosmic Edgeland - 6.5% (500ml)


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"Cosmic Edgeland Hazy IPA The Space Between A peachy transitional, liminal floral zone of fruity, punchy hops and pensive aroma. A space between the citrusy and sweet, the rural and urban. Relating to the extra-terrestrial vastness, the infinite universe contra the earth alone. We love festivals, and we love the beer industry! How many times have we made these points in our product descriptions? Many! Because it’s true. You meet so many incredible people, and being in beer opens doors to other worlds. A few years ago, we stood next to the German master brewers Fuerst Wiacek at the festival MBCC in Copenhagen. We loved their beers, and we guess they liked ours. As we remember, talks of a collab were instant. Fast forward to now, and we’ve finally done them! Two hazy IPAs where we’ve merged our respective favorite IPA recipes as far as yeast and malt base goes and then poured in all of our favorite hops. In abundance! Somewhere close to Earth but still in outer space, these IPAs will take you to places you have probably never been before. Right in the middle of the cosmic edgeland is where you can see the orbiting dreamboat. Get on board. Take off!"