Dugges - Daydream - 5.6% (330ml)

"Daydream Dry Hopped Rice & Yuzu Sour Sebastian’s Favorite What’s a daydream? It’s an Idaho 7 single hop, dry hopped, rice, yuzu zest and yuzu juoce sour. Mirage! In June 2020, we got an offer we could not refuse. The proposal was to buy a bar. For years we'd dreamt of our own place. And we were over the moon when we could finally do it. For the bar, we decided that tap two would be dedicated to one-off staff beers. Beers that each member of staff, taking turns, would design and that we then would brew. When the turn came to Sebastian, he went full gut feeling, intuitive, and brewed an ode to the land of the rising sun and sprinkled it with a bit of Americana. That beer was Sebastian. Then we made a prelude to that beer called Sebastian Prelude. And now, we've created this. With this third iteration of Sebastian's initial thought, we've refined all the best stuff from the first two beers to a nectar of dreams and daydreams. A light sourness from our house Lactobacillus culture. Fruitiness from fruit, zest, and hops. And a silky smooth body and mouthfeel from the added rice. Refraction!"