Dugges - Hot Shot - 16% (330ml)

"A lush, layered liquid. Almost like a tiny glass of your favorite liqueur built on with coffee and then cream. But, a beer. A barrel-aged beer. In a can. Shot! During the tasting sessions of the beers out of our barrel-aging program, inspiration often strikes and strikes hard. The beers are so complex, full of nuances and flavor, that even though they could stand independently, they beg to be refined. Adding an extra layer of luxury could be finding a peppery note, leading us to add black pepper. A lemony tang gets us to infuse the beer with citrus and a rummy, coconut vibe makes us go totally overboard with toasted coconut and whatever Caribbian flavors we can think of. Upon tasting the beer we refined into Hot Shot, we found a real cocktail spirit- great shot-essence. That thick base Mega stout mixed up with whatever magic heavenly Bourbon barrels give. And, as far as shots go, a Swedish classic is the one with herb liqueur tasting of vanilla, anise, star anise, hot coffee, and lightly whipped cream, all layered into tricolor perfection. And that’s what we wanted to emulate and refine, using barrel-aged beer. Bottoms up. Whooo!"