Dugges - Popsicle - 4.5% (330ml)

"Popsicle Peach, Jasmine Tea & Raspberry Sour Liquid Granité Ideas come from anywhere. Like, a restaurant. Take a dessert. Interpret it as a sour. Sorbet! The journey from idea to ready beer can be from surprisingly short to very long. Sometimes ideas take time to perfect, and then we wait and wait. And sometimes all we need is a spark, and then we move fast. This beer was the latter. The spark, this time, was our head brewer David going to a nice restaurant. For one of the desserts — yes, there was more than one. It was that deluxe — David got served a Granité. Which is a fancy word for flavored shaved ice. A slushy, basically. (But don’t tell the chef that.) This particular slushy, sorry Granité, was flavored with peach and jasmine tea and had frozen raspberries sprinkled on top. The day after the restaurant visit, David told us about the dessert and how a version of it would make a fantastic sour beer. And the day after that, the beer was in production. And now it’s in your hand. We hope. Slushy! "