Dugges - Salty Passion - 4.5% (330ml)

"Salty Passion Sour Fruit Ale It’s salty fruity sour A crisp sour fruit ale with flavors of passion fruit, pineapple, lime and salt. Dreamy! Sometimes beers don’t really have a story. At least not any other than ’Hey! Would it not be cool to make…’, ’This combo sounds really good!’ Or, ’Why not try something with salt?’. This is one of those beers. A beer is drawn from all that experience and all those experiences just idling in the back of our heads as we go about our daily routines. All those beers, fruits, cocktails, shots, drinks we’ve had during all seasons of the year in almost every thinkable setting. Then, connecting a hose, having lunch, designing a label, the idea just kinda pops up. Like from nowhere."