Dugges - Tropic Thunder AF - 0.5% (330ml)

"An alcohol free sour fruit ale tasting of mango, passion fruit and peach. Sunshine in a can. Sweet! Born out of a conversation at a beer festival in Rimini, Italy, the idea behind this beer is as simple as it is complex: We wanted to make a beer that tastes like a popsicle. A beer as refreshing as those ice-cold, fruity treats we loved as kids. We brewed this beer, trying to create something we’d never done before. And you know what? We succeeded! Fusing what has become our house lactobacillus culture with all that fruit and then letting it ferment in a for us whole new way. It was an experiment, to say the least. Now, Tropic Thunder is a modern classic and forever in our hearts. This is why we’ve now also done this alcohol free (0,5% vol) version. To make it even more accessible. A first in Dugges history! Lower or no:er in alcohol content but still that fruity punch."