Equilibrium - Maple Whip - 11% (500ml)

Imperial Pastry Stout: "Maple Whip takes inspiration from the Whippet Maple Cookie, a combination of tasty textures including a soft cookie base topped with fluffy marshmallow and a sweet maple center, all covered in chocolate. One taste had us in the lab concocting our newest creation, which starts off with our EQ base stout followed by the addition of maple syrup, graham crackers, marshmallows, and cacao nibs. A viscous pour with a chocolate maple aroma is supported by satisfying flavors of maple chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting, brown sugar and graham cracker, caramel candy, maple-dipped s’mores, and a touch of roastiness from our dark malt to balance the flavors out and make this beer perfect for the upcoming autumn weather"

Equilibrium is a craft brewery from Middletown in New York State. Their reputation preceeds them, known for fantastic IPAs that you should be sure not to miss.