Equilibrium - Peanut Cloud - 11% (500ml)

Imperial Pastry Stout: "Wouldn’t it be great if the clouds were giant fluffy marshmallow peanuts? We emulate such a landscape with Peanut Cloud. The idea for the label came from an original drone shot from high above Middletown taken at sunrise. We then asked local Illustrator, Julia Green, to add a fun touch based off the adjuncts. We took our LADS base and conditioned it on Peanuts, Marshmallows, and a touch of lactose to create our latest treat. Pouring pitch black with a pillowy tan head, aromas of creamy Jiff waft up from your pour. Tasting notes are simple for this one, a luscious mouthfeel crossed with chocolate fudge, spoons of peanut butter, and liquid Fluff. This is beer is liquid Fluffernutter."

Equilibrium is a craft brewery from Middletown in New York State. Their reputation preceeds them, known for fantastic IPAs that you should be sure not to miss.