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Fyne Ales - Workbench - 5.5% (330ml)

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"Workbench IPA features Citra, Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin and Summit, a combination of new-world hops all known for their fruit-forward flavour profiles. It's bold, fresh and incredibly thirst-quenching - this final recipe is sure to satisfy.

What makes it special? In 2017, Fyne Ales embarked on the Workbench IPA project - a quest to develop a new core range beer by experimenting with hop flavours and infusion methods. Over the course of four variant recipes, we collected feedback, conducted blind tastings, and generally drank a lot of beer in order to develop this final iteration - our new core IPA! Workbench IPA features the same hop bill as the original Workbench First Draught  but with a few tweaks from lessons learned along the way."