Gipsy Hill - Bourgeois - 7% (750ml)

"A Golden Ale, that is barrel-fermented beer (i.e the beer did not ferment in tank at all, all fermentation was after it was added to barrel with wild yeast!) with wild yeast and bacteria harvested from some of our favourite sour beers (Fred and Jim spent an evening drinking A LOT of sour beer and saved the dregs from the bottles and cultivated yeast from them!). The beer spent 18 months in red wine barrels before 4 of the barrels were blended into two different batches. It’s now been bottled conditioned for another 18 months meaning this beer is 3 years in the making! The resulting beer is deeply sour, with a big lemon/lime citrus notes on the palette. The longer the beer is aged the more of a complex aroma they are developing. Hoping the aromas and flavours from the Brettanomyces will only develop more."