Magic Rock

Magic Rock - Dancing Bear - 4.5% (330ml)

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Magic Rock - Our first take on this most popular of modern beer styles. Lager, Munich and Cara malts create the pale colour and classic backbone, while a concoction of Germany’s finest Strisselspalt, Herrsbrucker and Hallertau hops deliver a refined bitterness and characteristic herbal hit. True to style we used soft water, a bottom fermenting yeast strain and extended cold maturation to deliver the style’s distinctive subtle depth. A lightness of body and spritzy carbonation will make the beer dance on your palate while a big whack of aromatic dry hopping give this Bavarian bear its ‘claws’…. PROST! Malts = Extra Pale, Munich. Hops = H Mittlefruh, H.Hersbrucket, Huell Melon, Magnum, Spalter.