Marlobobo - Dessert Island - 14.5% (375ml)

"Rum barrel-aged strawberry mead. Barrel-aging never ceases to amaze us. After racking a juicy, no-water strawberry melomel to a very special rum barrel from Barbados - we were floored by how much it changed by 5 months of aging. The barrels were exceptionally potent, and our production room was filled with aromas of sweet coconut, pineapple, vanilla and caramel while we were filling the barrel. But never did we imagine that the mead would morph into a totally different beast during this fairly short time of aging. The barrel wanted to shine, while keeping the strawberry second fiddle. Who are we to say no to an old barrel's wish? Something to savor - Let it breathe, open up, and enjoy how much the flavor changes throughout the bottle. "