Mash Gang - Like Icarus - 0.5% (440ml)


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"Our first wheat beer. Zesty, Fluffy, Bright The first NOLO beer I thought was pretty good was a wheat beer I had in a curry house in Berlin. This version is Belgian style, via American craft beer, rather than an authentic style. We used orange peel and coriander seed in the boil and a classic west coast ale yeast. Best served in a tumbler with a wedge of orange and a slice of lime. Hops: Hallertauer Mittelfrueh Adjuncts: Orange peel, Coriander Seeds Vegan"

Mash Gang are a modern craft brewery specialising in alcohol free beers. They are not afraid to experiment with some frequently boundary pushing interpretations on common styles to bring some full on flavour and fun to non-alcoholic beer.