Microbio - Tentados 2016 - 13.5% (750ml)


Tentados 2016, Microbio Wines (Ismael Gozalo)

Region: Rueda, Spain

Grape varieties: Verdejo

skin contact, amphora-aged, funky


Whole bunches of white grapes are thrown into an old amphora and left to their own devices for 6 months. Then, they are pressed off the skins, and the juice is returned to the amphora for a further 6 months. The result is orange-coloured, with an aroma of pickles and fermented grass cuttings. On the palate it is fresh and grassy, with a great texture. If I had to compare it to anything, I would say it’s a bit like Sauvignon Blanc on steroids and/or crack. If lambics and sour beers are your thing, then this might be the wine for you!