Moersleutel / Põhjala - Northbound - 11% (440ml)

"Our baltic friends from Põhjala traveled to Alkmaar. They arrived early and before beers were drunk, breakfast was eaten. Ontbijkoeken was casually passed around and all of sudden we felt the excitement in the room. We knew immediately where this was going. And so it did, Honey & Rye Baltic Porter inspired by the local Ontbijkoeken. A light spice profile, caramel, and honey notes dance with the roasted rye base. Lagered like the good old days for a smooth round body."

Moersleutel are Pim, Tom, Rob and Max; Four brothers who founded the brewery back in 2016. At the time, their dad and friends had their own small brewery and they would brew their own creations when the tanks were available. Coffee, chocolate, fruit; they experimented with all sorts of flavours. Now, the brothers only make beers they like - high in quality and crazy taste.