North Brewing Co - Docks Beers: Table Beer - 2.7% (440ml)

"Made in collaboration with Grimsby’s Docks Beers, we’ve trialled a new technique - dip hopping! We made the beer with a smooth, pale yellow, oaty base, but part way through the boil we moved a portion of the wort straight to the fermenter where Idaho 7 hops were waiting. The wort saturated the hops + released an abundance of juicy, fresh, pithy zest + sweet peach flavour. The rest of the brew went ahead as usual, our house ale yeast further softens the body + brings subtle fruit esters. Whilst further a dose of Hallertau Blanc + Huell Melon hops bring light balmy lemon + fresh cut grass aromas + smooth floral honey flavour. All of this comes with a quenching + refreshing prickly bitterness, emphasised with a light sparkling carbonisation"