Northern Monk

Northern Monk - Patrons Project: Culinary Concepts - 4.4% (440ml)

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"We’ve been working with North Star, our local independent roaster almost since the beginning of Northern Monk, showcasing their fantastic coffee in multiple patron’s project stouts and porters as well as our core range mocha porter, Northern Star. To this day, however, we hadn’t really sat down and worked out a bespoke recipe together with Hols and Krag taking the creative lead from their side. They were keen for a really refreshing, easy drinking end product and one of our desired goals this time around was to try something a little different to the dark beers we’d done so many times before. We discussed utilising the natural citrus notes that can be found in low roast coffee beans and thus we came up with the idea for this super citrusy Berliner Weisse!

Brewed with a wheat-heavy grist for a rounded mouthfeel and then kettle-soured overnight with Lallemand Pure Pitch for a gentle tartness. Lemon and lime were added late in fermentation for a puckering, zesty kick before carefully adding cold brew coffee made with single origin Kenyan Kagumoini beans. This coffee, in particular, stood out during our trials for its prominent raspberry and lemon notes. The aromatics of the coffee rise out of the glass almost immediately before blending subtly under the citrus fruits on the palate; just adding that touch of complexity to this late-summer refresher."