Northern Monk - Patrons Project: 34.02 The Sun - 6.5% (440ml)

"As luck would have it, with summer being in full swing, the second card drawn in Amy Hastings’ Tarot reading Patrons Project is The Sun collaborating with Kings Brewing Co. We haven’t rigged the deck, honest… The Sun card is a symbol of success, positivity, and joy, a sign that the holder radiates with optimism and positive energy that draws others to them - Much like your typical brewer. Recreating the card in beer-form was a no-brainer: fun, bright, accessible, sunshine in a glass, bursting with tropical and citrus flavours, so much actual fruit you can practically feel the Vitamin D coursing through your veins, and a shade of bright liquid gold that beams out through the ring-pull like the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. We used Citra, El Dorado and Amarillo to juice-up a smooth, supple, tried and tested base of Super Pale, oats, and wheat, and then packed it to the brim with 250 g/l of Mango, Pineapple, and Valencia Orange added post-fermentation to keep the natural fruit flavours bright and vibrant."