OHD - Fjaera Rose Gin - 43% (700ml)


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"We at OHD are not really the type of folk that [SD1] set out to make what we have for the last few years associated with pink gin. Artificial flavour, colours and lots of sugar is not the way we make our spirits. That is why we gave our self a shot to make one by our premises. It must be fruity. But we still wanted it to be unmistakably gin. It therefor has a clear juniper character. To balance it out we have distilled it with botanicals that adds freshness and gives added dimensions to the fruitiness it gets from both the red wine cask and the raspberries. We know it has been the right amount of time in the casks when it has taken on structures from the tannins but has not yet become oaky. We have then ended up with something that is refreshing and fruity but still with structure and character. Something you want to sip on as the sun goes down into the sea. Or when you need a bit of that summer feeling."