Polly's Brew Co - Columbus West Coast IPA - 6.8% (440ml)


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"Whilst we’re very much a modern facing brewery with the majority of our output, we love to dip our toes back into the old school from time to time and brew a beer that pays homage to those aggressively-hopped West Coast beers that shaped our formative drinking years. A beer that shouts out to that famous IBU race of the early 2010s, Columbus is a maxed out, single hop tribute to the brewers without whom we, and modern beer wouldn’t exist today. With 15kg whirlpooled at 85 degrees, and a reeled back 25kg dry hop, we’re going all out on the bitterness of this beer to play off the sweetness of the malt. Expect piney, resinous bitterness backed up with pithy citrus notes."

Polly's Brew Co are a craft brewery from Mold in North Wales. They have taken the UK craft brewery market by storm thanks to their exceptional IPAs and Pale Ales. Far from being a one trick pony, Polly's also venture into the world of Stouts and Sour beers and they never dissapoint.