Polly's Brew Co - It's A Simulation - 5.5% (440ml)

"Looking through our vaunted history of smashing together our favourite hops into a delicious two-hop showcase, we were absolutely astounded to discover that we’d never paired up two Polly’s favourites in Simcoe and Idaho 7 into a beer before now. Wanting to set about correcting this blemish on our history with immediate effect, our brewers commissioned It’s a Simulation – a callback to our historical beers with an equal parts 40kg hop charge of Idaho 7 and Simcoe, but with all those new school techniques we’ve learned over the last five years to impart a distinctly 2023 vibe. Our bespoke LA3 yeast strain is hard at work here, accentuating all those juicy hop flavours to create a pale ale positively bursting at the seams with all manner of peach, apricot, pineapple and earthy black tea notes. Bangin’."

Polly's Brew Co are a craft brewery from Mold in North Wales. They have taken the UK craft brewery market by storm thanks to their exceptional IPAs and Pale Ales. Far from being a one trick pony, Polly's also venture into the world of Stouts and Sour beers and they never dissapoint.