Polly's Brew Co - Lonely Beer - 5.2% (440ml)


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"We’ve mentioned it before now, but some of our best beer names come from little “isms” that happen throughout the day to day here at the brewery. When we were populating our brew plans for this time of year, we knew we wanted to create a pale ale with Mosaic and Talus hops; a combination that we’d never executed prior to now, however a name kept eluding us. Shuffled away into the floating brew plans several times, one of our team labelled it “Lonely Beer”, and lo, a name was born. Using a two hop combination new to the brewery in Mosaic and Talus, we dig how the former HBC-692 accentuates the resinous and piney notes of both varietals, with a pleasant undercurrent of those tropical fruit bomb notes we’ve become so accustomed to since we began five years ago."

Polly's Brew Co are a craft brewery from Mold in North Wales. They have taken the UK craft brewery market by storm thanks to their exceptional IPAs and Pale Ales. Far from being a one trick pony, Polly's also venture into the world of Stouts and Sour beers and they never dissapoint.