S43 - Brown Paper Bag - 7.1% (440ml)


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"We often brew big pastry stouts with lots of flashy extras, but every now and then our brewer just needs to brew something simple, classic and delicious with no frills. Brown Paper Bag is a classic Oatmealt Stout with just malt, oats, hops, yeast, and water. Lots of oats were added during the mash to help lend a silky smooth texture and copious amounts of dark and roasted malts for all those deep, dark notes. Fermented with English ale yeast this stout exudes lovely chocolate, malt, and fresh roasted coffee aromas and flavours. In fact it’s a bit like drinking an iced coffee but without getting the caffeine crash afterwards. The buzz you get drinking this lusciously smooth stout just lingers on and on."