Sweetdram - Smoked Spiced Rum - 45% (700ml)


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"Distilled on the only surviving wooden continuous column then matured for at least three years, the rum sourced from Guyana by East London Liquor Company makes for an ideal base, with traces of molasses, butterscotch and raisin bread.

We macerate just enough grains of paradise to stimulate the palate with a gentle mentholated heat then add chamomile and lime leaf for subtropical notes of green pineapple and fleshy coconut milk, anchored by the fennel, cardamom and rich, dried organic figs.

The heavy phenolic content of pine-smoked lapsang souchong gives the false impression of an unusual, lightly-peated single malt. Shake vigorously with fresh lime juice, simple syrup and ice for a complex modern daiquiri."