Temescal - Temescal Especial - 5.4% (473ml)


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GHOST WHALE EXCLUSIVE - AIR SHIPPED DIRECT FROM THE BREWERY TO OUR DOOR! FRESH A.F.. "A key feature of our fave Mexican lagers is corn — an ingredient that makes for a light, crisp, flavorful beer. We’ve added our own twist by pairing corn with Eraclea pilsner malt - a variety grown in the dry coastal region of Italy, near the Adriatic. The honey-like maltiness from this barley pairs effortlessly with the sweet aromatics of the corn. A touch of Tettnang and Spalter Select hops crisp up the beer and provide subtle floral and fruity-noble aromatics that play well with the corn and honey-like malt notes. The result? A 5.3%, crisp, light lager, with crackery, corn, honey, grassy, floral aromas. It’s a new favorite amongst our staff, and we can’t wait for you to try it!."