Terra Tempo - Cigrik - 8% (750ml)

"Bourbon BA Wild Ale with Apricots, Vanilla, Coffee and Surrey Wildflower Honey. Turkish dessert inspired spontaneously fermented ale with fresh apricot and dried apricots at a rate of 300g/L alongside West Yorkshire coffee roaster Darkwoods bourbon barrel aged coffee, organic Madagascan vanilla and wildflower honey. Brewed with 100% solar power, spontaneously fermented in oak, with absolute minimal intervention at every process step allowing and encouraging further development of the unique farm “terroir” bottle conditioned beer. Contains sediment, please allow 24 hours at fridge temperature stored upright and pour carefully. Bottled Spring 2024 BBE 2034"

Terra Tempo are a 100% oak fermented and aged wild beer blendery based on Hogsback farm in Surrey using exclusively hops grown on the farm for all their beers. The blendery is owned and run by Lee Daniels whose brewing herritage includes running Cloudwaters barrel program for several years.