Three Hills - Heidrun: Special Hop Bru-1 - 4.5% (440ml)

"Heidrun was one of the first beers ever brewed by Three Hills and today it forms the ever-faithful backbone of our line-up. Usually we use the wonderfully fruity flavours of the hop combo powerhouse that is Citra and Mosaic to showcase the more tropical and stone fruit-forward El Dorado, but we're pleased to be releasing new additions to our series using Heidrun to show off some more of our favourite hop varietals! Heidrun Special Hop: BRU-1 builds on the lightly floral characteristics of Citra and Mosaic with the addition of BRU-1, a recently developed hop that adds its own floral notes but also delivers a mighty hit of fresh pineapple. With the sweet and fruity body provided by our New England yeast strain this beer is reminiscent of those fruit salad chewy sweets that you bought from the corner shop as a kid, albeit in liquid format."