To Øl - Resin From the Dead - 6% (440ml)


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"A super resinous IPA that takes its bitterness and hop profile (cascade, centennial, chinook) from the west coast IPA style but lighter in color. Slight sheen (not quite hazy) and creamier mouthfeel due to a little oats."

To Øl are a craft brewery from Copenhagen in Denmark. They began without their own brewing facility, choosing instead to create recipies and contract the production out to various other established breweries. It wasn't long before they opened Brus, a gorgeous brewpub, shop and restaurant in Copenhagen which accellerated their reputation as a leader in Europe's modern beer scene. In 2020 they began to move into a vast facility dubbed To Øl City outside of of the Copenhagen which is where they now brew all of their own beers and brew for others as well. We absolutely love To Øl at Ghost Whale, their beers are universally great and we can't get enough. Black Malts & Body Salts was the turning point beer that got Ghost Whale head honcho Stuart properly into the craft beer world back in 2015.